Story Submission Tips

Increasing your Chances of Getting Selected for Deep Magic E-zine

Deep Magic E-zine is a professional science fiction and fantasy online magazine. Since re-launching our magazine in June of 2016, on average, we only select approximately 1.5% of the stories that are submitted to us. But, don’t despair. Our First Readers are eagerly searching for well-written stories with tension and deep characters. You can greatly increase your chances of being selected by simply knowing what it is that we’re looking for. Before you submit your story, be sure to check out these resources we pulled together for potential Deep Magic authors.

#1:  Read Our Published Short Stories

If you want to write for our audience, you need to know what they’re tastes are. Our readers have a range of stories they’re interested in, but they generally have a similar tone and emotionally move the reader. Our stories often leave the reader feeling hopeful, inspired, or awed. Our audience is intellectual and they enjoy fun stories, stories with a clever twist, or stories they can reflect on for days. We highly recommend you read at least one issue of Deep Magic; this is the best way to know what types of stories we’re looking for.

You can check out our issues on Amazon.

#2:  First Reader Q&A

Listen to Deep Magic First Reader, Abby Thorne, to find out what she looks for when she reads each submission. She also shares examples of actual stories we loved and published. Here are some topics she covers:

  • Submission guidelines: For example, we are a “clean reads” e-zine. This is what makes us unique among our SF&F peers. Be sure to read our guidelines before you submit.

  • Grammar: Poor grammar or line edit errors is a red flag for first readers. We do have an editor, but First Readers see hundreds of stories. Your story should reflect how much time and care you’ve put into writing and editing it. Abby shares tips on how to fix grammar errors, but we will also add that writing critique groups or hiring an editor are also good options.

  • Strong Beginning: Make sure the beginning of your story rocks. Keep First Readers engaged past the first page by writing a compelling beginning.

  • Satisfying Ending: Don’t leave your short story readers on a dramatic cliff hanger. (More details on this in the article below.)

#3: Top 3 Mistakes We See Most Often

We worked with Eschler Editing to write an article on the top 3 mistakes we see from short story writers. This is a great article for all short story you write, for Deep Magic and every publisher.

#4: Submit Again

Don’t be afraid of rejection. Even if your story isn’t the perfect fit for us, it might be great for another publisher. Keep writing, keep improving. We’d love to see a new story from you every time we open up for submissions.


Deep Magic E-zine

Deep Magic E-zine publishes professional authors each month along with newer authors. It’s our passion to find new author voices, to publish them along side best selling SF&F authors, and share their stories with our amazing readers. Thank you for being a part of this process. It’s an honor to receive so many wonderful short stories each month and we wish all authors much success with their stories.

~ The Deep Magic Board