About Us

The name Deep Magic pays homage to C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia. From June 2002 to June of 2006, Deep Magic was a monthly e-zine operated by a nonprofit organization founded by three friends who had a mutual love of SFF and a desire to promote clean writing within those genres. Deep Magic is now a bi-monthly publication that pays professional rates for SFF short fiction, relaunched by the same three friends, with help of other industry professionals who join in Deep Magic’s mission to create a safe place for minds to wander in the worlds and universe of SFF. We want all who visit to feel welcome and confident that they will encounter professionally written fiction of the highest quality that is safe for all to read. If submitting a story, please see our submission guidelines. We will consider stories within any sub genre (epic, paranormal, steampunk, etc). The best way to get our attention with your submissions is to create great tension in your story. If the story you wish to submit fits within those parameters, we would love to read it.


(alphabetical by first name)

Brendon Taylor

Brendon is an attorney during the workweek, a writer when he can find time, a food and camping enthusiast often, a frustrated Miami Dolphins fan each fall, and a loving husband and father all of the time. He has been at Merrill & Merrill, Chartered in Pocatello, Idaho since he became an attorney in 1999, after graduating from Washburn Law School in Topeka, Kansas. He was an original founder of Deep Magic in 2002 and has written many articles, short stories and contracts since its inception.

Charlie N. Holmberg

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Charlie N. Holmberg is an all-around tolerable person who dresses okay, is kind of loud, and is sometimes funny by accident. When she’s not mothering or fawning over Lieutenant Worf, she’s writing books that, on occasion, mysteriously hit a bestseller list. She’s still working on step #1 for her eyewear addiction and has been known to eat her weight in Cadbury eggs. She will always notice if you use a dash incorrectly and yes, quietly judges you for it.

Jeff Wheeler

Jeff has been writing since he was a teenager. His earliest works include a military thriller called Armageddon and a charming romantic adventure set in the middle ages. If other Deep Magic staff members manage to get their hands on them, those books will be released for free on the website. After decades of writing and self-publishing, Jeff took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to become a full-time author. He is, most importantly, a husband and father, and a devout member of his church. Jeff is such an avid reader that he once sat outside reading on a sunny California day (with an existing sunburn), took off his shirt, and read for so long he got second degree burns. To donate to his future skin cancer treatments, contact a member of the Deep Magic staff.

Jeremy Whitted

Jeremy is a Geek. Not a geek…a Geek. On the Official Geek Continuum, he lands somewhere between Sheldon and Urkle. Still not convinced? Jeremy spent his last wedding anniversary at Comicon (at least he took his wife), he plays Dungeons & Dragons twice a week, and his saddest parenting moment was when his son declared, "I hate Star Wars!" His college degree is in English, where he enjoyed everything from ancient Greek tragedies to John Steinbeck, all of which he has since forgotten. He still loves a good story, which was why he was an original founder of Deep Magic and has gladly joined the team once again. When not at home with his wife and two kids, he can be found at Boise State football games, gaming, or at work (because Deep Magic doesn’t pay the bills).

Kristin Ammerman

Kristin is a non-recovering chocolate and Pinterest addict who loves to read middle grade and YA fiction. You can find her most often indulging in all three of these things at 2 am. She also writes epic middle grade fiction (yes, it's a thing...or at least she likes to think it will be) when she's not doing her marketing "day job,” toting her kids around to sports practices or cleaning out the chicken coop (and if you first read that as chicken poop, you’re not alone).

Steve R. Yeager

Steve R. Yeager is a part-time author who lives in Northern California with his wife, two kids, and a pair of crazy dogs. He worked as a corporate software engineer for over 25 years before achieving escape velocity. Now he spends most of time reading, writing, playing guitar, or out in the woods shooting bows.


First Readers (by first name)

Abby Thorne has loved reading and writing her whole life. She runs the Writing Worm blog and works as a Library Shelver, which gives her the opportunity to be surrounded by books all day long. When Abby isn't reading or writing, she is either baking or doing yoga.

Ashley Melanson is an amateur at all she does; forever learning! She's a farmer, a 4H leader, a sculptor and painter, an author and play-write, and a jewelry-maker (wire rings mostly). She secretly lives for hope. She follows many fandoms. Robert A. Heinlein, Terry Brooks, and Samuel Beckett are her top favorite Authors. She lives in Missouri but is from Salem, MA.

Beth Elliott is a wife to veteran, mother to 2 bookworm boys. She has a Bachelors in English Literature and enjoys reading, writing, and editing. When she's not doing any of those, she can be found in the garden, baking, sewing, or enjoying a variety of craft projects. Through the characters in the stories she reads, Beth has "lived a thousand lives."

Elicia Cheney is from California. She's an avid reader and word enthusiast. She enjoys experimenting with her cooking on family and friends, finding and telling stories, and pretending to be a water creature.

Junior Rustrian hails from Downey, CA, and can usually be found avidly playing video games, reading and writing sci fi and fantasy and attending heavy metal concerts. He has a B.A. in History and puts it to good use tutoring middle school students and leading reading programs at the local park he works at. Other hobbies include riding bikes, throwing bonfires and attending midnight screenings.

Lindsay Flanagan is a book-and-music fangirl from Utah, who, in addition to chasing after her two young daughters, is a writer and editor with Eschler Editing. She has a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing. She loves young adult fiction and can be seen re-reading Harry Potter all the time. In addition to reading and writing, she loves photography, rock concerts, skiing, hiking, and riding motorcycles (but not driving them).

Sabine Berlin is a freelance editor from Utah. She is an avid reader of everything from Asimov to Zusak. She has a BA in History, writes YA fiction, and was selected to attend Orson Scott Card's Literary Bootcamp where she studied writing and critiquing.

Tyson Dutton is a Production Planner by day, and by night, he's a college English Instructor who teaches Science fiction, Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others. He has a 1939 farm house on a half-acre in a small Oregon town that is home to his family and 5 cats. His Master’s Degree reflects a love of reading, as he studied: Old English, Medieval, & Renaissance literature, Mythology, Science fiction, and Post-colonial British literature.