Prompt Contest

Send Us Your Wildest Prompt!


Yes, the rumors are true. The board members for Deep Magic E-zine are taking prompts and will turn them into stories as a BONUS for an upcoming e-zine issue!

Is anyone interested winning a free copy of Deep Magic AND reading a Jeff Wheeler story about a space vampire that has to save an island of vegans through the magic of dance? The Deep Magic Board of Directors, composed of three authors with multiple novel publication credits under their belt (and three awesome people without) invite our readers to create the weirdest premises possible that could be tackled in a short story. The best (weirdest) six premises will be assigned randomly to the Board and we will see what magic we can create.



– Each reader can submit up to five bizarre story premises. Perhaps Charlie Holmberg will be stuck writing a tale about a kind, childlike gremlin-type character who makes his living by eating plastic milk cartons and digesting them, thus turning them into amethysts that he can sell to Caribbean tourists. Who knows, but we guess that our readers can come up with something really out there. Please enter your submissions at the following email link: submissions… by April 1, 2018, and no, this is not an April Fools joke, we are really doing this.


– The top 6 premises submitted shall be assigned at random to the Members of our Board.


– If your premise is selected, you win a free copy of the upcoming issue where the stories are published, which will also include a full line-up of fantastic fiction in addition to these 6 weird tales.


– The Board Members are limited to 5,000 words for each story and are only further constrained by the normal clean read standards of Deep Magic. Otherwise, the weirder the better.


– No wagering please — this is an exhibition only and not a competition.


Options to Enter:

– Respond to the newsletter we send you via email, any newsletter we send you.

– Send us an email at , subject line: PROMPT. Then put your response in the body of the email. (No attachments please!)

– Post your prompts on Facebook starting tomorrow, Friday.


Our Inspiration:

In 1816, Lord Byron issued a challenge to other authors to create the scariest story possible. Mary Godwin (“Mary Shelley”) was inspired to create Frankenstein, and a new interpretation of vampires that led to the creation of Dracula was born, or perhaps un-died. Lord Byron and Mary Shelley we are not; but weird, odd, quirky, and ridiculous, we are willing to try. Granted, a more apt comparison is the story behind how Jim Butcher created the Codex Alera series. He accepted a challenge to write a good story from not just one bad idea but two (combine the Roman Legion with Pokemon). We are taking up that mantle — give us your craziest ideas and we will do our best to come up with a good, or at least entertaining six-pack of stories.