Holiday Fun

Deep Magic E-zine Holiday Fun

Grab one of our most popular issues for 66% off the cover price! For only $.99, you’ll get these SIX fantastic stories. We have two novelettes in this issue, one mermaid romance by WSJ bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg, and the other is an alternate WWI history with wizards by Christopher Baxter!


We had a huge response to this issue because every story has amazing world building. All our stories are selected after a rigorous process, whittling down the thousands of stories we receive to find the gems we love. We select stories for both tension, story craft, and as always, all our stories are PG-rated. Stories include:

“Salt & Water” by WSJ bestselling author, Charlie N. Holmberg, a story about a mermaid, captured and enslaved like most of her kind, for their lifesaving tears.

“The Dragon Between Worlds” by T.E. Bradford, a story about a sweet boy who must make a terrible choice.

“The Drawer” by Brock Poulsen Author, a creepy sci-fi/fantasy about a man who goes to his mundane office, but experiences a day that is anything but.

“On the Other Side” by Amy Power Jansen, a story set in Africa about a little girl who is obsessed with doors.

“The Wizard’s Granddaughter” by Christopher Baxter, a reader favorite from all of 2016. This alternate WWII story will captivate your imagination!

“Juliet Silver and the Realm of Impossibility” by Wendy Nikel is one of our all time favorite steampunk stories. Juliet is a nervous tea house keeping a secret: some of her patrons are airship pirates … and there is an embargo!

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