Favorite Fantasy Novels of 2018

We’re celebrating Fantasy Month by listing some of our

favorite fantasy novels from 2018!


All of these fantasy stories have gripping characters, page-turning tension, and creative worlds to explore. And what’s more, they all happen to be clean-reads! We pulled a range of stories, from traditional publishing to indie publishing, from stand-alone novels to a series of books. One theme we found last year was that many of the most popular novels had varying amounts of romance. From very little in Storm Glass and our Deep Magic Anthology One, to a full romantic subplot in The Traitor’s Game and  Spice Bringer (which probably also happens to be the novel you’ll shed the most tears reading, go figure!).

Let us know in the comments below if we picked any of your favorites!

#1: Storm Glass

Jeff Wheeler’s Harbinger Series combines high fantasy with a Dickenson-esque world. Two classes: those on the islands, and those in the shadows below. Read about young women from both worlds and how their lives collide in Storm Glass!


#2: The Plastic Magician 

The Plastic Magician is stand-alone novel set in Edwardian England. Set in the popular Paper Magician world, meet new (and old) characters in this novel full of mystery, a touch of romance, and magic!


#3: Veins of Gold 

Veins of Gold is a historical fantasy, set in the inhospitable west during a gold rush. This story pivots around an abandoned young woman and her siblings trying to survive, when they stumble into a world of magic.


#4: Once a King

Once a King is a stand-alone novel. This high-stakes fantasy is full of romance, mystery, and revenge. If you love it, there’s a duo-logy in this world you can snatch up as well!


#5:  Deep Magic Anthology One

For our first ever print edition, Deep Magic: Anthology One, our team at Deep Magic E-zine went all out. With twenty-three stories, including several novelettes, you’ll be able to fall into different fantastical worlds of full of wizards, changelings, dragons, and so much more!


#6: Skyward


Our team agrees, when it comes to creating amazing fantasy worlds, Brandon Sanderson rocks. One of his novels to hit the shelves this year, Skyward, has some of the best reviews we’ve ever seen. This is extra perfect if you’re looking for a story heavy on adventure and light on romance.


#7: Child of Prophecy

We’ve published two of T.E. Bradford’s short stories in Deep Magic E-zine, so we were really excited to see her publish a fantasy series. Child of Prophecy features a teenage trio of protagonists, a bit of mystery, and a sweet romance.


#8: The Traitor’s Game 

The Traitor’s Game was our favorite fantasy produced by Scholastic this year. A great protagonist, who is a fighter to the end (not hiding in a closet!). The second book in this series is set to publish this month!


#9: The Spice Bringer

This bitter-sweet stand-alone novel, Spice Bringer, made us laugh out loud, gasp, and cry (grab your tissues)! The main character of this story suffers from a terrible rasp, only helped by a spice that is controlled by a powerful few. You’ll love the sassy fire dragon, and the thread of romance throughout.


#10: A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold

Fairy-tale re-tellings were the rage of 2018. So if you’re binge-reading fairy tale twists, be sure to check out A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Golda 12-dancing princesses tale!

There are so many amazing fantasy stories publishes last year. What was your favorite?

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We are tagging some of our fantasy friends: Kathy Huth Jones, Lauricia Matuska, Melissa Rose Gardiner, Laura VanArendonk Baugh,  and Elizabeth Koestsier!