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“It seems like there are fewer and fewer pro-markets for fiction these days, despite the fact that more and more people are reading short fiction because of the advent of ebooks and efiction and things like this. I think that any sort of pro-publication that pays you money can be such a huge boost to your motivation as a new writer. And so I would highly recommend that new writers try out their prose and earn pro rates on their stories.”

- Brandon Sanderson

“I’m delighted that Deep Magic is being resurrected by its founders. It was the first high fantasy magazine I specifically wrote a story for way back when, and was my introduction to the world of secondary world fantastic fiction. The editors were a pleasure to work with–they are respectful, professional folks–and I have no doubt that the rebooted version of Deep Magic will adhere to the quality, vision, and ethics I came to expect from its editors.”

- Usman Tanveer Malik, Bram Stoker Award Winner